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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Coloured Concrete Driveway

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A coloured concrete driveway may not be for everyone. While some choose to be on the traditional side, others want to stand out. So in this article, we will look at the four things you should consider before choosing a coloured concrete driveway. From there, you can decide if a coloured concrete driveway is suitable for your property.

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Compliment Your Existing Home Exterior

Thanks to significant advances in concrete technology, it is now possible to have your driveway stained in an unlimited choice of colours. However, just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

While coloured concrete driveways offer a sense of charm and are durable, stylish and easily maintained, when it comes to choosing a contrasting colour for your concrete driveway, you need to consider the impact the colour will have on the overall exterior appeal of your property.

Selecting the right colour for your driveway not only helps to enhance and compliment your home’s exterior look and feel but can also help increase its value.

That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to be boring and choose a neutral or safe colour. There’s nothing to stop you from paying homage to certain aspects of your home, for example, the front door or garage door or even some other part of the property that reflects your individual style and personality.

Another thing to consider when choosing the driveway’s colour is the property’s age and style. Rustic browns and greens, earth tones, or dark colours might be perfect for an older, more mature home, whereas subtle hues of grey or lighter shades would be more suitable for a modern, more minimalistic home design.

Whichever colour you choose for your concrete driveway, it should appear like a natural fit and create a visual balance between the home and its surroundings.

Think About The Neighbours

If your property stands alone and is away from prying eyes, then it probably doesn’t matter what colour scheme you choose for your driveway.

However, if you live in a residential area, then you might want to consider the impact your new coloured concrete driveway could have on your neighbours and the natural surroundings.

This is why we always suggest that our customers meet with one of our Skyco Group team of concrete specialists before starting work on their new concrete driveway, as we can help and advise them on selecting the right colour palette and finish.

Remember, as a general rule; colours can affect our mood, so you need to consider what kinds of emotions you want to evoke in the front of your home because, after all, you want your new coloured concrete driveway to be the talk of the neighboured for all the right reasons and not the fact its considered eyesore by those all around.


Consider The Elements & Location Of The Driveway

When choosing the colour for your new concrete driveway, you need to consider the impact the elements can have on it. If your driveway is going to be spending most of its life under harsh sunlight, then it’s probably advisable to go for light colours as these will help to reflect the light as opposed to a darker concrete colour. Dark colours absorb more heat, which over time, can damage the concrete surface and will ultimately cause your driveway to require more maintenance.

Along with choosing a colour that works best with the elements, you might want to consider how the right choice of colour might impact your safety and how you can use it to your advantage.

For example, if your driveway is challenging to manoeuvre into, then lighter colours will make a narrow and short driveway look wider. Whereas darker colours make long and wide driveways look more narrow and shorter.

Similarly, if your driveway has poor lighting, then choosing a lighter colour will make it easier to see.

The other thing you need to consider is that concrete doesn’t always have to have a smooth finish. Various textures and finishes, like exposed aggregate, are available, which can help with underfoot grip if your driveway is a little on the steep side.


Work With Professionals

Whether you’re upgrading your existing driveway or installing a new coloured concrete driveway, it’s really important to speak with professional Melbourne concrete specialists like the team here at Skyco Group before you start.

Our team of friendly tradesmen can discuss your concreting project with you via a free consultation and will take you through your project step by step and ensure we achieve your wish with attention to detail and high-quality workmanship.

With over 10 years of experience throughout the local Melbourne area, we take satisfaction in every job and consider any new concrete driveway design an artwork we can be proud of, and that’s why we strive to achieve our utmost best when providing our customers with quality service.

To learn more about the residential or commercial concrete projects we undertake here at Skyco Group or to receive a FREE quote, call us on 03 9993 7188 or email



There’s pretty much an unlimited choice of colours, so when it comes to choosing a colour for your concrete driveway, there is always a perfect match for your style of home or property.

Here at Skyco Group, we offer an extensive range of colours from which we can develop bespoke shapes, designs and finishes to perfect your idea and create the wow factor.


Currently, a building permit to construct a new concrete driveway is not required in Melbourne. However, because there is a risk of a poorly laid driveway causing structural or water damage to your property or home, you should always work with a specialist concreting company like Skyco Group when installing a new driveway.


Here at Skyco Group, we stand firmly behind our work, and as a result, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our workmanship, so you don’t need to worry.

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Published Date : March, 13 2023

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