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Concrete Driveway Pouring Done Right the First Time, Every Time.

Why use us for your concrete driveway in Melbourne?

For years we’ve been collaborating with locals to pour concrete driveways in Melbourne with the right specifications, and on time.

Our scope is far from being limited. With many years experience, we provide our services to everyone and anyone – if you need concrete pouring for your new driveway or home improvement, we’re only a call away from getting it done. Whether you’re looking for coloured or plain concrete driveways or an exposed aggregate driveway, we have you covered.  We also cater to driveway crossovers and believe in their impact on first impressions.

When your driveway looks aesthetically and visually appealing while managing to service its functions in a sturdy manner without failing you, you get a win-win situation; a first-rate first impression and just the construction you need. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking longevity, strength and looking to add value to your home, or a commercial business owner, we are just what you need

Let's cement your Driveway.

Driveway Concreting Melbourne

At Skyco Group, we’ve been extensively involved with residential, commercial, and industrial clients. We’ve poured countless concrete driveways in Melbourne and catered to different types of driveways, commonly known as vehicle crossovers in Melbourne. Our solutions and long-lasting, boast top-notch quality, and are considered permanent!

We offer you four different driveway crossovers to choose from according to what suits your project’s needs. From exposed aggregate driveways, coloured concrete or plain concrete driveways, there is an option to suit everyone. In addition to empowering you to choose the perfect colour and texture for your concrete footpaths, entertaining areas,  internal floors, driveways, patios, pool surrounds, or other outdoor areas. 

Crossover Widening

A driveway that’s too narrow or too short can make parking a chore instead of a convenience. While widening or expanding your driveway can seem daunting, you can count on Skyco Group’s expert team to make the process as rapid and hassle-free with many years experience.

Since a lot of regulations go into crossover widening and expansion, leave it to us to make sure you’re abiding by Melbourne’s regulations and acquire the necessary permits you may need, especially if a public-access portion is involved. Also, if your neighbourhood has its own rules on driveway sizes, we’ll need to factor that in too.

Once we’re all set, we’ll be the best reliable concrete contractor you can count on for your driveway widening and make sure it aligns with and matches the rest of the crossover. You certainly don’t need to redo your whole driveway with us!

Crossover Relocating

Similar to crossover widening, crossover relocating can frequently require its own set of permits since construction is involved.

If you’re relocating your crossway to an area that’s part of Council land, you’ll need to have a permit, which is why it’s best to leave such issues in the hands of professionals. We can walk you through the process to make sure you successfully obtain your permit based on our experience and long-standing relationships with city councils.

Following that, our full-service team of concreting professionals will start comprehensively relocating your crossovers according to the overview you have for it, and we’ll do it right from the first time!

Crossover Reinstating

Just like anything else, vehicle crossovers may require repairing or reinstating every couple of years. If that’s your case, the Skyco Group can fully support you in restoring your crossover to its original state. 

Our services include rescuing crumbling, dysfunctional, and cracked concrete that’s no longer serving its purpose. In a blink of an eye, all of that will be replaced by durable, high-quality concrete that’ll last for years to come and looks great, and all our work is insured. And don’t worry about timelines, our team is empowered by the latest available equipment, supporting us in time.

What if you’re relocating somewhere else or changing the location of the crossover? You’ll be responsible for removing redundant crossovers and reinstating the kerb. Once again, we’re here to help reinstate the crossover and transform it according to your specifications and needs.

Curb Reinstating

If you’re looking for curb reinstating look no further than the Skyco Group pros! We’ve been specializing in the technical requirements of curb and have a wealth of experience in managing its concrete works. Whether driveways, drainage pits, sub-divisions, footpaths, car parks, or more, we’ve seen and done it all.

Since the process can be quite complex, we’ve ensured that all our experts are trained and approved when it comes to the health and safety requirements involved in such projects, and we consistently assess the hazards involved to make sure that our technicians are safe and liability is eliminated.

Give Us A Call

Whether your project is large or small, don’t hesitate to call us today, even if you’re on a tight budget! We’ll manage to find a middle-ground together to give you the solid concrete service you deserve. For us, that means high standards of workmanship, exceptional client service, and open-channel communication through each phase of the project to ensure your satisfaction. 

From crossover reinstating, relocation or widening to exposed aggregate concrete driveways – we have you covered. Speak to us today about all your driveway needs!

We work with your council to ensure a smooth and headache free Driveway.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We will liaise with council on your behalf to ensure your vehicle crossover is installed to council specification and Australian Standards.

Standards for Vehicle crossovers and footpaths will vary from job to job. We will work with you to understand the intended use of the concrete and then apply the suitable Australian Standards as per:

  • Australian Standards AS1379 – Supply and Delivery of Concrete
  • Australian Standards AS3600  – Concreting

We stand behind our work, and therefore offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

Get your driveway or footpath done right the first time as per your council's requirements

exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

A durable aesthetically pleasing option suitable for:

Outdoor Areas

Vehicle Crossover

Vehicle Crossovers and Footpaths

We liaise with and fulfil all council specifications for your:

Crossover Widening
Crossover Relocating
Crossover Reinstating
Curb Reinstating

coloured concrete melbourne

Plain / Coloured Concrete

Get the perfect colour and texture for your concrete:

Internal Floors
Outdoor Areas

digger, machine, machinery

Excavation and Earthworks

We offer a range of services include:

Re-layering Analysis
Concrete Cutting
Concrete Removal
Concrete Floor Replacement


We will walk you through the best options available for your project

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Published Date : October, 22 2020

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