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House owners are always looking for ways to get the most space utilization out of their backyards. So, here comes the role of patios, which seamlessly connect interior and exterior spaces, and give house owners plenty of versatility to design their own outdoor living areas.

At Skyco Group, we offer concrete patios with plenty of unique decorative finishes. The unlimited design potential opens up the doors for our patios to serve numerous purposes. 

For instance, they can be used as a flooring option for your outdoor barbeque corner. That’s not all, as concrete patios can also help you define backyard spots like seating areas, fireplaces, and even swimming pools.

Why Choose Skyco Group Patios?

Unique Designs

At Skyco Group, we have many years experience offer a wide range of customisation options for your concrete patio ideas. You can pick the shades and colours that work best for your exterior design and blend nicely with your backyard’s landscape design

You also get to choose between different engraving options, decorative concrete, exposed aggregate, stamped concrete and patterns. These final touches create more dramatic changes than you might think. With the help of advanced engraving machinery, our Skyco Group engineers can make your concrete patio look as if it’s built from bricks, tiles, or slates.

This way, you get the best of both worlds; the look of the material of your choice, and the durability of concrete.

The versatility of concrete designs and the expertise of our architects and engineers combine to make each of our Skyco Group projects a unique, personalised patio design that is developed from the ground up just for your house.

Exceptional Durability

After you get a new patio, you just want to enjoy your backyard’s makeover and not worry too much about your patio’s maintenance. This is exactly what concrete patios bring to the table, as they are resistant to the most unforgiving weather conditions.

Furthermore, since the concrete slab is laid down as one cohesive unit without any gaps similar to those found between paving stones, foliage won’t sprout out randomly and ruin the appearance of your patio. That’s why concrete patios are low maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about extended gardening sessions to keep your patio in good shape.

Finally, you won’t run into any staining issues similar to what is seen with wooden patios. Concrete also maintains its shape and won’t warp over time and require replacement.

Affordable Prices

Concrete patios aren’t as labour-intensive to install as others made of brick. So, you get to enjoy the endless decorative and design potential of concrete without having to hurt your wallet.

The affordable price upfront and the low maintenance cost make concrete patios the obvious economical choice for most house owners. Though you’re spending less here, you’re not sacrificing in terms of styling.

Liberating Versatility

At Skyco Group, we adapt our patio designs to your particular space, so you end up getting the best space utilization of your backyard. Concrete patios can be used to define your outdoor sitting areas, cosy spots around a fire pit, or your open-air barbeque corner.

We also offer roofed verandas to complement your newly installed concrete patio and encourage the whole family to come together and enjoy sunny days without getting sunburns. 

Wood, glass, and aluminium elements can also be added to bring a fresh look to your roofed-patio, and this shows how a concrete patio can be integrated with a variety of different materials and yield exceptional results.

Landscaping Tips For Concrete Patios

  • Add planter beds on both sides of the patio to help soften the edges and make the concrete patio blend with its surrounding green landscape
  • Flower beds add colourful aesthetics to your backyard and can make your patio pop even more
  • Adding shades to your patio is always a good idea. You can opt for natural shades or wooden roofed sections to prevent your patio from feeling monotonous

Are You Ready For Your New Patio?

If you’re looking for a new patio design, whether it be plain concrete, coloured concrete, exposed aggregate concrete or your own unique design – we are are your concreting services experts. For all your concrete driveway and patio needs – contact us today!

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We liaise with and fulfil all council specifications for your:

Crossover Widening
Crossover Relocating
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Published Date : October, 22 2020

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