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Our houses don’t have to just stick to their initial blueprint for the rest of their lifetime. As we grow, so do our needs and expectations. So, the one wall that was once a partition between the kitchen and the dining room might not be a good idea any more, as you adopt a more open-plan design for your house.

You might also want to change a door’s location or open a new window to increase airflow in certain rooms. You need experienced concrete cutting service providers for all these types of construction jobs, and we at Skyco Group are up to the task.

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Types of Concrete Cutting Services

Core Drilling

You might have a small drill that you use for simple house projects like fixing a wall portrait. Nevertheless, some large-scale construction projects require powerful drills that are capable of cutting through cement slabs.

For instance, if you want to replace parts of your old, cracked driveway, the old cement blocks need to get out of the way first before the new slabs can be poured in place. Furthermore, if you want to build a new extension of your house like a garage or shed, constructor workers need powerful drills to lay down the new structure’s foundation and metalwork.

The main takeaway here is that core drilling isn’t only used to get rid of old cement blocks, it’s also used in the initial phases of any new construction project to lay the sturdy foundations upon which the structure will stand.

Flat Sawing

Powerful electrical saws are used to cut through horizontal surfaces in what is known as flat sawing. This cement cutting technique is used to even out irregular surfaces, remove the damaged upper layers of a driveway or a cracked patio, and get rid of worn-out pavement sections.

This comes in handy in concrete resurfacing projects. The premise is to only remove the damaged topmost concrete layers and lay down modified-polymer concrete to create an even surface.

Flat saws aren’t just limited to outdoor usage; they can also be integrated into many indoor projects as they don’t produce as much noise or dust as traditional saws. Their precision is another plus that allows workers to just target a specific area without damaging the surrounding surfaces.

Wall Sawing

Moving on, we’ve got wall sawing, which shares the same levels of precision as flat sawing. These saws can be used to cut through thick concrete surfaces in both horizontal and upright orientations. They come in handy in situations where a cutout is needed to make way for a new doorway or a window.

That’s not all; as flat sawing is also used during the installation of elevators or staircases. It’s worth noting that such saws are a force to reckon with, and they require great levels of experience to cut through concrete smoothly and produce perfectly levelled surfaces.

Our workers and engineers at Skyco Group have received effective safety training as well to ensure our cement cutting projects yield the best results while being entirely safe for everyone involved.

Furthermore, our architects are also involved in such large scale projects that involve making drastic changes to your house. Your property’s blueprints are carefully reviewed before cutting through any wall to ensure we’re not digging through any of the house’s main pillars.

As you can tell by now, at Skyco Group, we operate as a multidisciplinary team to provide you with the best services. Our engineers, architects, construction workers, and technicians all operate as one coherent unit, aiming at devising the most effective strategy to get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

The need to have council involvement will depend heavily on the works being carried out. We will not only advise you if council needs to be involved, but we will also liaise with council on your behalf to ensure your works are carried out to council specification.

We stand behind our work, and therefore offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

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exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

A durable aesthetically pleasing option suitable for:

Outdoor Areas

Vehicle Crossover

Vehicle Crossovers and Footpaths

We liaise with and fulfil all council specifications for your:

Crossover Widening
Crossover Relocating
Crossover Reinstating
Curb Reinstating

coloured concrete melbourne

Plain / Coloured Concrete

Get the perfect colour and texture for your concrete:

Internal Floors
Outdoor Areas

digger, machine, machinery

Excavation and Earthworks

We offer a range of services include:

Re-layering Analysis
Concrete Cutting
Concrete Removal
Concrete Floor Replacement


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Published Date : October, 22 2020

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