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When planning a construction or renovation project, the big question for many is, who should they hire – a Concrete Specialist or a General Contractor? Dive in as we explore the significant differences between the two and help you make the right choice with the Skyco Group.

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What’s the Difference?

  1. Depth of Knowledge:

  • Concrete Specialist: Has an in-depth knowledge about concrete – from its mix ratio, to curing processes, and finishing techniques. They’re the go-to folks if you want a job that’s exclusively about concrete.
  • General Contractor: Has a broad range of knowledge across multiple trades. Perfect for projects that need a mix of skills like plumbing, electrical, and carpentry.
  1. Project Size:

  • Concrete Specialist: Best for projects primarily focused on concrete works, be it laying a new driveway or constructing a concrete pool.
  • General Contractor: Ideal for larger scale projects where multiple trades are needed, such as building a new house.
  1. Cost:

  • Concrete Specialist: Might offer competitive pricing for concrete works since that’s their primary focus.
  • General Contractor: Could be cost-effective for big projects as they manage everything, giving you value for your money.

When to Choose Which?

Going for a home extension or full-scale renovation? A General Contractor is what you need.

Need a spanking new driveway or thinking about a concrete patio? A Concrete Specialist will do the trick.

For a deeper dive into various services, explore our Concrete Services.

The Practical Implications of Your Choice

When you embark on a construction journey, understanding the nuances between hiring a Concrete Specialist versus a General Contractor isn’t just about the basics. It dives deeper into practical implications that directly affect the outcome of your project.

Experience Matters

Concrete Specialists are magicians in their realm. They’ve witnessed countless concrete-related scenarios, giving them the edge to handle unexpected challenges seamlessly. Whether it’s understanding the right mix for a specific environment or knowing the perfect curing time considering weather fluctuations, their vast experience makes a huge difference. If you’ve ever gazed at a beautifully stamped concrete patio or marvelled at an intricately stained concrete floor, you’ve seen a specialist’s artwork.

On the other hand, General Contractors wear many hats. Their broad spectrum of experience allows them to orchestrate large-scale projects with numerous moving parts. If you’ve ever watched a house being built from the ground up, with its myriad components and tradespeople working in harmony, that’s the handiwork of a General Contractor.

Communication – The Key to Success

Hiring a Concrete Specialist often means more direct communication. They’re focused, and so their updates, queries, and feedback revolve around the concrete tasks at hand. This can be immensely beneficial for those who like detailed, focused updates on specific tasks.

Conversely, with General Contractors, the communication channels are broader. They’re your single point of contact for every trade involved. Instead of juggling conversations with plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, you only speak to your General Contractor. They handle the coordination, ensuring all tasks align perfectly.

Risk Management

Safety and risk management can’t be stressed enough in construction. A Concrete Specialist, with their niche focus, has extensive training and tools specifically for concrete tasks, ensuring the utmost safety and adherence to Australian standards. Referencing resources like Safe Work Australia can give insight into how specialists align with national standards.

However, General Contractors have the expertise in managing safety across various trades. Their comprehensive understanding of the overall construction ecosystem ensures that every task, irrespective of the trade, meets safety benchmarks. For more on construction safety standards, WorkSafe Victoria is an excellent resource.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The world of construction is always evolving, with innovations cropping up continually. A Concrete Specialist is more likely to be up-to-date with the latest in the concrete world – be it new finishes, techniques, or eco-friendly materials.

In contrast, General Contractors have a bird’s eye view of the industry’s innovations. Their adaptability stems from coordinating multiple trades, making them more versatile in adjusting project timelines, introducing innovative solutions, or reallocating resources when needed.

Building a Relationship

Choosing between a Concrete Specialist and a General Contractor isn’t just about the job. It’s also about building a relationship with professionals who will bring your vision to life. At Skyco Group, we value this relationship. We understand that every construction endeavour is personal, and we’re here to guide, assist, and ensure that your journey is smooth, satisfying, and successful.

Which Path to Take?

Ultimately, your decision will hinge on your project’s requirements. If you’re still unsure, consult with the experts. Take a stroll through some of our projects on the Skyco Group Portfolio page. We’ve had the privilege to be a part of diverse ventures, showcasing our expertise both as Concrete Specialists and General Contractors.

Why Skyco Group?

Skyco Group, your trusted partner in construction, offers both Concrete Specialist and General Contractor services. We ensure quality, professionalism, and a smooth project execution.


Whether you choose a Concrete Specialist or a General Contractor, it’s essential to go with professionals who have a proven track record. If you’re on the hunt for reliable and professional service, Skyco Group is here for you. Get in touch with our team today!

Frequently Asked Questions

They can! But a Concrete Specialist has specific expertise in concrete works, ensuring high-quality results.

It depends on the job. For purely concrete tasks, they might offer better value.

Yes, especially if you’re working with Skyco Group, which offers both services.

Consider your project needs. Multiple tasks? Go General. Just concrete? Go Specialist.

Absolutely! Check out our About Us page for more on our credentials.

Yes, most reputable ones like Skyco Group provide warranties. Always ask!

It depends on the project. Specialists can be quicker for their specific trade, while General Contractors handle project management end-to-end.

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Published Date : August, 15 2023

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