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Has your driveway accumulated its fair share of cracks and surface imperfections over the years? Or you’re simply looking for a way to replace the boring look of your old patio? Concrete resurfacing is a great solution to get the job done without completely removing your old concrete surfaces and getting new concrete poured from scratch.

You shouldn’t turn a blind eye to the cracked concrete structures all over your house, as they don’t just look ugly, but also might present with serious structural damage that affects your safety. The reason why concrete might show signs of aging over the years might be attributed to excessive use like in driveways, or exposure to extreme weather conditions. 

Furthermore, there are some factors related to the construction process itself. For instance, low-quality cement mixes, or improperly sealing around the corners might allow water to slip in and cause moisture and dampness buildup underneath the surface.

All your concrete problems should only be in the past now, as at Skyco Group, we provide the best concrete resurfacing services, using our premium, modified-polymer overlay to give your concrete surfaces a fresh look.

Why Resurface Your Concrete Structures Instead of a Complete Makeover?

More Economic

Upon getting concrete resurfacing services, you’ll save tons of money compared to a complete makeover that involves removal of the old concrete slabs and pouring new ones from scratch.

It’s also worth mentioning that concrete resurfacing is more environmentally-friendly, as you’re conserving resources and energy. You’re only repairing the damaged part and leaving the intact concrete slab foundations.

Furthermore, you won’t have as much gravel left behind, which means you’ll run into fewer issues when it comes to disposing of the broken cement blocks. 

Fresh Aesthetics

Your patio doesn’t need to be all worn out to qualify for concrete resurfacing. Some people are just looking for a way to upgrade the looks of their outdoor decorative styling, and concrete resurfacing is perfect for getting this job done.

You get to choose from a number of colours and patterns to bring a fresh look to your stale driveway or patio. At Skyco Group, we also work with engraved and stamped concrete, and we bring the same principles to our resurfacing jobs as well.

Our engineers and knowledgeable workers will walk you through the whole process and fill you in on the exact procedures and techniques used. This way, you’ll know exactly the extent of the repairs being done in your house. 

Our professionals also welcome your feedback and take all your concerns into consideration when planning the concrete resurfacing project. This way, we ensure you’re always in control, and the results match perfectly with how you envision your house after the renovations.

Breathe fresh air into your property by bringing your concrete back to life

Why Choose Skyco Group for Your Concrete Resurfacing Project?

We offer our high-quality services for both residential and commercial settings all over Melbourne. At Skyco Group, we have over 10 years of experience in concreting services under our belt, and we’re always pushing ourselves the extra mile to earn our customer’s satisfaction.

Thanks to our team’s extensive knowledge in concrete resurfacing, and the use of advanced technologies, we ensure that the surrounding surfaces don’t get damaged in the process. You don’t want to request cosmetic repairs in one spot to end up with more cracks in the surrounding areas.

We also respect our customers’ time; that’s why timely competition is among our top priorities. Proper planning and efficient construction techniques allow us to complete our concrete resurfacing jobs in the least number of visits while retaining the same level of premium quality you’d expect from us.

Let us handle all the heavy lifting.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The need to have council involvement will depend heavily on the works being carried out. We will not only advise you if council needs to be involved, but we will also liaise with council on your behalf to ensure your works are carried out to council specification.

We stand behind our work, and therefore offer a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship.

Join hundreds of happy clients and replace that old concrete in no time

exposed aggregate

Exposed Aggregate

A durable aesthetically pleasing option suitable for:

Outdoor Areas

Vehicle Crossover

Vehicle Crossovers and Footpaths

We liaise with and fulfil all council specifications for your:

Crossover Widening
Crossover Relocating
Crossover Reinstating
Curb Reinstating

coloured concrete melbourne

Plain / Coloured Concrete

Get the perfect colour and texture for your concrete:

Internal Floors
Outdoor Areas

digger, machine, machinery

Excavation and Earthworks

We offer a range of services include:

Re-layering Analysis
Concrete Cutting
Concrete Removal
Concrete Floor Replacement


We will walk you through the best options available for your project

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Published Date : October, 22 2020

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